If you are interested in participating in any of our studies, here is a list of the current studies going on in our lab. To participate, please contact us through our contact page.

TED (Testosterone and Economic Decision Making) – Testosterone administration study looking at the effects of testosterone on economic decision making. You will have a 50% chance of receiving either Testosterone or Placebo drug which is an intranasal gel and will be asked to provide saliva samples and one mouth wash sample. Additionally, you are to complete several self report questionnaires, and online computer based tasks.
Length = 2 hours
Reimbursement = 2 SONA credits or $40 with the opportunity to make $10-110 based on your performance on some tasks. 

Personality, Emotion & Empathy – In this study you will complete several demographic questionnaires and personality surveys to determine if personality effects emotion and empathic perception. Subsequently, you will perform 3 tasks measuring empathic accuracy and emotion recognition. Both men and women are eligible to participate in the study, and there is no age restriction for participants.
Length = 1 hour
Reimbursement = 1 SONA credit

Dress to Impress – In this study you will be asked to rate several photographs of peoples faces and audio clips of individuals voices for various personality characteristics.
Length = 1 hour
Reimbursement = 1 SONA credit

TAG (Testosterone, Attention to detail, and Gustatory preferences) – In this study you will complete a battery of self report questionnaires, provide two saliva samples, complete a puzzle/put together an object, ingest a variety of flavoured water and rate it on intensity of taste, as well as partake in a computer based task where you can earn an additional 0-10 dollars based on your performance.
Length = 1.5 hours
Reimbursement = 1.5 SONA credits or $20 with the opportunity to make an additional $0-10

If you are in need of a SONA account, please use the following link to create your account.